What is Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing crime right here in Will County. Through private citizens, the media and law enforcement, we join together to stop criminal activity. We work as partners with local law enforcement agencies to help get criminals off the streets by giving Will County residents the tool to do so. Anyone can report suspicious activity or if they think a crime is in progress. We post signs throughout the County as well as stickers on many police vehicles throughout the area.

But Crimestoppers has another way to keep our streets and neighborhoods safer. We offer rewards to residents that have information about a crime.  Many crimes go unsolved because people who know about them are afraid to come forward. CRIME STOPPERS gives people a way to provide valuable information to local law enforcement agencies without giving their names. In return, those providing information leading to an arrest and filing of criminal charges against a felony crime offender, or the apprehension of a felony fugitive can earn rewards up to $5,000.

When a call is received by CRIME STOPPERS, it is logged with the date, time, and a brief summary of the caller’s information. Callers are given a secret code number to be used in subsequent transactions. CALLS ARE NEVER TAPED! Callers may remain anonymous, with no pressure to reveal their identity, and still collect their rewards.

You could earn up to $5,000 DOLLARS if you provide information that leads to an arrest and filing of criminal charges against a felony crime offender, or the apprehension of a felony fugitive!

Our Board of Directors

The CRIME STOPPERS Board of Directors oversees the program and approves the rewards to be paid, based on information presented by the Police Coordinator.

Dan Stefanich, President
Marian Gibson, Vice-President
Jim Norris, Treasurer
Robert Ostreich, Secretary

Tabitha Fleming
Jeri Madison
Harold Miller
Ron Molo
Reed Mott

Rick Raasch
David Silverman
Mark Schneidewind
Karen Terdic
Sgt. Dan Troike, Consultant

A Special Thanks to Dan Campus

The Board would like to extend a “Thank You” to Dan Campus for his 12 years of dedicated service to the Board of Directors of the Crime Stoppers of Will County.

His dedication and passion to help the organization fight crime will be carried on by those he influenced. His contribution to our cause will be missed, and we wish him all the luck.

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